UBUNTU Business Bootcamp is an action-packed 2-day event that empowers entrepreneurs with Everything they Need to Start and Grow their Business including Training, Planning, Tools, Advise and Support!

Our consulting division provides affordable Strategic Consulting, Business Development, Coaching and Support services to assist Entrepreneurs, Small to Medium Sized Enterprise’s (SME’s) and Corporates to achieve Growth, Profitability and Sustainable Competitive Advantage.

Our training division provides learning opportunities using a combination of Contact, Distance, and e-Learning methods to suit challenging learning environments. We offer more than 100 Qualifications including SETA Accredited courses and UBUNTU Certificate Courses from Entrepreneurship to Project Management.

What is UBUNTU?

UBUNTU is a Nguni Bantu word from South Africa that speaks to our common humanity and our responsibility to each other. UBUNTU can be seen as an ideology. Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu both referred to ‘Ubuntuism” as a universal bond or interconnectedness, which we believe applies to both life and business.

About Gary

0a170beThrough a series of unique services I provide affordable and effective solutions that assist entrepreneurs, SMME’s and corporates at growing profitably-sustainable businesses. I offer a number of unique programmes including:

Strategic Intervention Programmes – aimed at identifying and solving complex business challenges including research, analysis, strategic planning and implementation through project management

Entrepreneurial Development Programmes – including SETA accredited training, business coaching and consulting services to assist entrepreneurs at starting and or growing their own businesses

Enterprise Development (ED) Programmes – focused on community development and capacity building through permaculture training, business skills and coaching to empower small scale farmers to develop sustainable food gardens



My Entrepreneurial Timeline

I started my first business venture in my first year of high school (1996) when trying to find ways of making extra pocket money. In (1999) I purchased 12 vending machines and placed them at local supermarkets and sweet shops. These machines were able to generate good weekly profits to invest in other small ventures.

At 18 my brother and I started a small Book shop selling discounted best sellers, comics and gifts. Two years later we sold our business and traveled to the UK on a working holiday. I returned to South Africa in (2004) and wrote the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) exam. I worked in Real Estate part-time to gain experience while starting my own property investment portfolio. My first investment was in two semi’s which I renovated, rented out and then sold for 100% profit less than two years later.

I worked in the travel and tourism industry for Tourvest and then Sun International in sales and key account management for four years. In (2008) I started my first “big” business, Africa Now Tourism Management, offering sales consulting and marketing solutions. One of my first clients was African Encounters, a specialist tour operator offering packaged holidays to East Africa and neighboring countries.

In (2009) I purchased shares in African Encounters, I worked as Executive Director with my business partner who later bought majority shares in the business. In (2010) I climbed Kilimanjaro as a charity challenge to raise funds for community development projects in rural areas.

I joined Awethu Project in (2012) as a business coach and strategy consultant where I played an instrumental role in setting up South Africa’s largest government funded business incubators. During my time with Awethu I delivered strategic consulting services, business development and coaching to entrepreneurs in under-resourced communities.

In (2013) I completed my MBA with my thesis focused on the Impact of strategic planning on organisational effectiveness in an SME environment. I then started UBUNTU Business Consulting as an SME support platform through which to provide affordable and effective business consulting and training solutions.

I am a partner in two other exciting businesses that provide complimentary services to that of my core focus on consulting and training. I am a Partner, Executive Director and group Principal for Renwick Business – a business brokerage and real estate agency and I am also a Partner and Executive Director for CreditLogix – a credit risk consultancy.

“I believe in a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, education and continuous improvement”.

Gary Kurt Smith (MBA, PPRE)
Member of COMENSA